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Alyce Levy is ravenous for color. Color on its own. Colors together. Color in unexpected places. She loves to see people react and interact with color. With a strong desire for straightforwardness and authenticity, nature also serves as a powerful medium for Levy. Beginning with tree slices, reclaimed wood, antlers, or animal skulls, Levy adds paint and epoxy resin to create a modern twist on what the natural environment has already provided. The tree rings and natural curves of the wood create a basis for the design choices and overall aesthetic of Levy’s sculptural pieces.

“I trace the years through the tree’s wood rings – the snowflakes, raindrops, and sunshine the tree withstood. I hold the antler and imagine the beast who shed them – his rivers, prairies, and battles. I marvel at the skull – the remnant of mysterious life and death in the wear and tear of the wild. All call to me.”

Levy is an artist and designer based in Dallas, Texas. She considers it a blessing that Telluride has been a stop on her artist’s journey. “I thank the talented and colorful people I have met here. This canyon and its people are my ultimate box of crayons.”

Her pieces are proudly on display at the Telluride Arts HQ. Please email molly@telluridearts.org for inquiries. 

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