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We Want Our View and Eat It Too
Telluride Arts HQ Gallery | July 2020

Telluride Arts’ HQ Gallery in Telluride, Colorado is excited to present We Want Our View and Eat It Too, an exhibit featuring artwork by Tammi Brazee through July 2020. The Art Walk reception will be held Thursday, July 2, 5-8 pm.

Many Americans have a disconnected relationship with the natural world that is manifested in the way we vacation in our National Parks and other beautiful places. Culturally instilled perceptions of place and a frantic pace to see it all keep some visitors circulating around the edges of the natural world. Others plow through the landscape, leaving behind far more than a “trace” of their presence. We want a world filled with beautiful landscapes and exciting megafauna that we enjoy while on vacation, and if we are lucky, while sitting on our own front porch. However, our current way of life demands high rates of natural resource consumption that destroys precious ecosystems, which by association, destroys the beautiful view. We want the best of both worlds; we want our view and to eat it too. Tammi Brazee’s work satirically explores this paradox and the tension that exists when society attempts to reconcile these competing desires.

While a hint of a Yankee accent reveals Maryland roots, Colorado has been Tammi Brazee’s home for nearly two decades. She is a professional artist and science geek, holding two graduate degrees, one in environmental science and the other in visual art. This unusual combination has profoundly influenced Brazee’s work. When she’s not in the studio pondering the relationship between things and slinging paint, she can be found wandering along a mountain trail carrying a guidebook, binoculars and magnifying glass, chatting with creatures met along the way.

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