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Emily Ballou gathers inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her in the Western Slope of Colorado. Additionally, the artist finds recent trends in design and fashion to be a source of inspiration for her vibrant variety of colors and interesting textures found in her abstract work. Ballou’s style of painting is contemporary. She works primarily with acrylic paints and various mediums, but also experiments with other materials such as wood stain, gold leaf, and varnishes in order to create new and intriguing surfaces and styles. She is constantly pushing her work to have its own unique properties, but consistently strives for vivacious color schemes and stimulating surface textures.

Emily Ballou is grateful for the inspiration and creativity spurred in the Box Canyon, as well as the support that the Telluride community and Telluride Arts provide to artists.  Ballou is a Telluride local that maintains a very full lifestyle: working in the lodging/marketing industry, owning a small business (Bridal Veil Floral), plugging into the local community, and staying busy with her new baby boy.  But Ballou has a true passion for letting her creativity pour out onto canvas, and painting is how she claims that she stays calm and grounded when life gets hectic. 

More Information: https://www.emilyballouart.com/contact

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